Monday, May 16, 2011

New ZvP styles emerging!

I've noticed quite a few new styles emerging in the PvZ matchup. Protoss, thanks to the most recent patch, has been incorporating Archons into their army compositions alot more, and all Zerg know how much Archons can absolutly destroy any Zerg unit easily. I have a few solutions I haven't been able to test yet, so I guess it's more like theorycrafting.

Neural Parasite. Mind control the archons so their now the Protoss' worst nightmare. With this new Zealot/Archon mix, turning the Archons against the Zealots turns the Protoss deathball into just that. A ball of death.

Brood Lords. Yeah, their the late game choice, but if you have even 2 or 3 BL's, it'll help alot with their range, since the Zealots will waste their charge on Broodlings, and the Archons will be stuck behind the Zealots.

That's really all I had, but let me know if I helped at all. That's what this new blog is about, helping the nublets.

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